Organically boost fertilizers and improve plant growth, roots, foliage, bloom and yield; naturally – Natures Way!


For Distributors who will purchase and repackage Growtastic under their own labeling, the minimum order is a 275-gallon tote or initial order of four 55GA drums. After the initial order, the minimum order is a 275-gallon tote. The gallon cost per unit is less in a tote. All purchases of Growtastic are through the website.

Price you pay at the checkout will have a 50% discount applied to the suggested retail price and will include delivery to your warehouse / packaging location. At checkout you are provided the opportunity to make the purchase with PayPal or using a credit card of your choice. The shipping we include is a discounted price through a national carrier who will typically deliver in 7-10 days after we ship. If you require more rapid shipment, we can offer delivery within five business days to the contiguous 48 states. To use this, select the $250 per tote, Expedited Shipping Charge in the Web Store. We typically ship the next business day after receiving the order. We keep several totes on hand for distributors in anticipation of their orders. If you foresee an increase in number of totes or drums – a little warning will help both of us. Our fermentation cycle could result in a three-week delay if we are surprised by an unexpectedly large order.

For Distributors who purchase 2750 gallons in a running twelve-month period, future orders will receive a 55% discount rate. Should the running total fall below 2750 gallons in twelve months, the rate will drop back to 50% until the running average is again 2750 gallons.

Should you decide to distribute our prepackaged Growtastic EPG, we will separately provide our minimum Distributor order levels and your incentive discount program. We look forward to discussing this with you. Prices will be influenced by size of initial order and verified serviced client base.

For distributors who desire to sell Growtastic EPG under their own product name and label in California, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) will require you to register under our registration. Our experience with CDFA is that the process they will follow is that you will have to register your product name and receive an approved label first. (Once you have an approved name we will issue the registration authorization letter citing the product name under which the product will be marketed. This is before you submit and receive approval of the label.) Then, before approving your product for sale, CDFA will require presentation by you of a paid, delivered invoice issued by us, for Growtastic EPG to assure them that what is actually going in the bottle is the product we have registered with them and for which the overall approval for your product will be based. I will send copies of our label, MSDS and CDFA approved registration for you to use in your registration efforts.

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Growtastic adds beneficial bacteria to the soil enhancing fertilizer delivery and uptake and improving plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield.
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