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How It Works

In Nature, there is an abundant variety of plants and animals. Just as we are made of inorganic chemicals found on the Atomic Chart – carbon, calcium, magnesium, iron, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.; so are plants and animals. Plants only exist in a totally inorganic environment. Initial reactions to this are usually,“That can’t be true! Nature is an organic environment!” In reality, organic materials are all complexes of inorganic elements. Living creatures consist of inorganic materials. One of the laws of physics is that a basic element can be neither destroyed nor converted to another element. As things die, drop to the ground, turned over by natural events, the basic organic materials are ultimately broken down to their inorganic elements by weather, natural events, fungi and bacteria. Nature recycles the last generation for use by the next. Plants can only use pure inorganic elements yet have neither the ability to move about to find them nor a digestive system to acquire them. Bacteria play a key role in solubilizing minerals, taking them into their cellular structure and carrying them through the soil to deliver to plants. There they give up minerals and take from the plant the carbon sugars generated by photosynthesis to receive the carbon necessary to make the cell walls for the next generation.

In Man’s predominately monoculture, there is little to no recycling of adequate minerals and even less of the variety and abundance that nature uses. Man compensates by making water soluble fertilizers to make up for the lack of natural nutrient sources. A major problem with soluble fertilizers is that one depends upon chance for the nutrients to be taken up by plants. To increase the odds, routinely 300 to 400% of the plant’s needs are in the recommended application rates. The excess becomes pollution. In nature, many of the nutrients a plant requires are not water soluble but in order to make them available to plants, man makes them so. These are easily lost to ground or surface waters -- direct routes to increased pollution.

PGPR also generate phyto-hormones which are completely indeterminate from those generated by plants. Some directly generate root growth in plants and others generate materials used by the plant to generate materials for root growth. Our mixture is designed to work with the plant.

Our probiotic takes up nutrients, sometimes using acids to dissolve them, moves through the soil and delivers them to the root in a predigested form, ready for use. They take up nutrients that are already there in nature and also those that are man applied. They function as vector delivery agents, delivering to plants. Once absorbed into the biomass of the bacterial colonies, minerals are not easily washed from the soil nor rely on chance to reach a plant. This concept assures that less is wasted and also that less need be applied. The plant thrives with less pollution.

With pesticides, only 5% ever reach the pathogen for which applied. The rest becomes pollution. With organisms that naturally defeat a pathogen, only the disease is targeted. Additionally, pathogens develop strains that sometimes become resistant to manmade chemicals while such resistance is rarely detected against natural defenses. Even more telling is that when good organisms populate a root system, and thrive in large colonies, pathogens have difficulty becoming established because of competition for space and resources.

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Growtastic adds beneficial bacteria to the soil enhancing fertilizer delivery and uptake and improving plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield.
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