Organically boost fertilizers and improve plant growth, roots, foliage, bloom and yield; naturally – Natures Way!

Use, Application, Storage & Safety


Growtastic EPG is ideal for all green leafed plants - grasses, sods,  flowers, foliage, shrubs, trees, fruits and vegetables during all phases of plant growth and maintenance.  Started at propagation:

  • EPG Improves survivability of seeds and cuttings.
  • Cuttings demonstrate better root mass, more robust growth and better color than with rooting hormones alone.
  • Seedlings have shown as much as an 80% increase in root mass in five to six weeks.
  • When transplanting, use it in the initial drench and follow-up as part of routine plant maintenance.


  • In Propagation, mix into your wetting solution at a ratio of one ounce to two gallons and apply with your daily wetting program or mix into your misting solution.
  • For optimum benefits with flowers, hydroponics, potted plants and vegetable gardens, apply every two to three weeks as part of a nutrient program. Routine maintenance of beds or yards can be applied monthly.
  • Apply when soil temperatures are around 50oF and there is available moisture; essentially the same conditions for plant seeds to germinate and begin to grow.
  • The earlier you begin to treat a plant - the better the long-range return.
  • Apply by broadcast spray, drip, drench or hand watering at the base of the plants.
  • The mixture becomes active in the soil, it is not designed as a foliar application; water it into the soil or let the rain do it if occurring within a few days of application.
  • The bacteria operate well in conditions of pH 4.0 through 9.5.
  • All plants become established much more quickly when treated with EPG, thrive, present larger growth and higher yields than when EPG is not used. EPG should be a part of your lawn program at least when establishing new lawns with either seed or sod and when following the recommended SOD (September, October and December) or for northern climates – the SON September, October and November) programs to prepare lawns for dormancy and to maximize root systems for early rebound in the Spring.

Application Rates: Growtastic is highly concentrated – approximately 200 billion spores per gallon of material. Our retail containers all contain integral measuring systems with either clear view veins and calibrated index or built-in measuring dispensers.
The product can be mixed into other mixtures as they are prepared for application to plants such as fertilizer mixtures, herbicides or insecticides.

  • For hand watering house plants, use about one ounce to a gallon of liquid (may be mixed in with your choice of plant food).
  • 3 – 6 ounces will treat about 1000 square feet (Visualize a 20 x 50 foot area) or a gallon to the acre. Vector+ should use a gallon to a half acre (20,000 square feet)
  • A quart treats the average American sized yard of about 5,000 square feet. Using the quart bottle with the supplied hose end applicator, turn to "ON" and spray the area to be treated at a comfortable speed, not attempting to water it in at the same time you apply the material. After applying Growtastic, water in with the "WATER" position on the hose end applicator or use your regular sprinkler system or let the rain do it.
  • Using a gallon sprayer, add three (3) ounces and spray about 200 – 300 plants. A three gallon back pack sprayer will take nine (9) ounces and treat roughly 750 plants up to one gallon size.
  • If using dispensing systems or containers integrated with your hose or in-ground sprinkler systems – add enough to assure 3 ounces are applied to 1000 square feet or about a gallon to the acre. For Sod, apply 6 ounces per 1000 square feet or a gallon will treat about one half acre. As a rule of thumb, set the dispensing ratio to about one (1) to 200. This establishes a rate that can be reasonably done in a short period of time without having to run.


Store unopened containers out of direct sun or in areas that will routinely remain below 135 degrees. Shelf life is warranted for at least two years.
Open containers should be used in a timely manner and kept closed to avoid unintended contamination by foreign chemicals.

Viability: Spores survive from minus 20 degrees F (-20oF) to 130oF. Storage below freezing can cause the container to rupture from the water freezing. The spore’s cell wall remains intact until below -20F. Prolonged storage at and above 130oF will eventually sterilize the spores. pH levels below 3.5 and above 11 can kill the spores.


Organisms used in Growtastic are non-pathogenic to humans, animals, insects and plants. However, care should be taken to avoid introducing any mixture of live organisms into the eyes or open cuts. Wash all exposed areas after use. If splashed or introduced into the eyes, flush with fresh water for five minutes and consult your doctor.

Commercial growers should contact Growtastic for assistance on recommended application rates and procedures.

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Growtastic adds beneficial bacteria to the soil enhancing fertilizer delivery and uptake and improving plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield.
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