Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use : GROWTASTIC warrants our products to be suitable for the uses for which they are presented. Growtastic's Probiotics for Plants, Lawns and Grasses are provided to assist you in growing plants. Should our products fail to perform as described, they are warranted by a money back guarantee. Merely return the unused portion with your receipt for a full refund of your money. There are no restrictions on admission to areas where you have used Growtastic. It is safe for use around children, pets, and humans. It can do no harm to plants even if grossly over-applied. It will not burn or damage plants.

These products contain living microorganisms known to have a beneficial relationship with all living plants. They thrive in the same conditions under which most plants will grow and thrive -- temperatures above 50 degrees F, available moisture and available nutrients. The organisms in these products are non-pathogenic to plants, animals and humans. As with any products containing living organisms, one should not drink the product. Should it get on your skin, wash with soapy water. Avoid getting into open cuts and wounds. If you do, clean thoroughly and apply regular first aid as you would for any open cut. If it splashes into your eyes, flush normally with clean water. If problems occur, consult your physician.

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