Organically boost fertilizers and improve plant growth, roots, foliage, bloom and yield; naturally – Natures Way!

Wholesale Accounts

For the wholesaler, we provide products under our own Growtastic EPG label and packaged for ease of use and handling. Minimum orders are case quantities of quarts or half gallons and individual five gallon pails. The quarts, ship with hose-end spray applicators attached and are packaged at 12 quarts to a case and the half gallons are packaged at eight (8) half gallons to a case. Wholesalers also can order 5GA pails. By far, most retail stores sell far more half gallon bottles to growers than they do quarts. Quarts are used primarily by homeowners who use the quart for home gardens, flower beds, lawns. They also use the half gallon to refill the quart or to use in their own spray apparatus.

Growtastic has a Wholesale Incentive Program that rewards those who are the most productive in moving our product off the shelf. Wholesale Pricing is built on earned discount tiers. Virtually every one of our retail customers has reached the Top Producer level and have retained it from year to year. Their customers try, like and trust Growtastic no matter what nutrient program they use. It works.

The wholesale pricing program:

  1. It is based on earned discount pricing based upon orders we receive from you over a running twelve-month period.
  2. All of our retail sales are made through our online Web Store. Discounts are applied to the Suggested Retail Prices reflected in the prices on the website. Price will include delivery to your store. Orders are placed for case lots or individual 5-gallon pails. Discounts are established as follows:
    • New accounts are set-up through our web store with the Introductory Wholesale discount of 30%. Upon your purchases totaling $1,500, in a running twelve-month period, the discount will move to the Interim Wholesale discount of 35% for all subsequent orders up to an accumulative total of $4,000 in a running twelve-month period. If your first order is $1,500 or more, the 30% discount is taken at checkout and we will refund you the difference to assure you benefit from the 35% discount rate and set your account for your next order.
    • Upon reaching an accumulative order level of $4,000 or more, in a running twelve-month period, the Mover Wholesale discount of 40% is applied for all subsequent orders. You will not have to re-qualify to retain the 40% discount.
    • Those who reach purchases of $10,000 in a twelve-month period will receive a Top Producer Wholesale discount of 45% for the next twelve months. To retain the discount level of 45%, the subsequent twelve months must again reach $10,000 or more. Should that target not be met, the discount is reduced to 40% twelve months after the Top Producer was earned and can again be earned when purchases again reach $10,000 in a running twelve-month period.
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Growtastic adds beneficial bacteria to the soil enhancing fertilizer delivery and uptake and improving plant growth, roots, bloom, foliage and yield.
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